Friday, July 23, 2021

Luck And Chance

     Accident and luck may seem to have no place in a world of law, and yet the fate of lives rests almost entirely on what can be better classified under this head than any other. This is a pluralistic universe. 

     The world is made up of an infinite number of independent machines, each having its own existence and controlled by the laws of its own being. In going its several ways and living its own life, inevitably it often clashes with others and is seriously affected by them. The fox and the rabbit both roam the woods, apparently at will, at least independently of each other. By an infinite a number of circumstances, at a particular time and place, their paths cross and the fox devours the rabbit. Had they not met at the time and place, the fate of the rabbit would not have been the same. The fox would have traveled farther and eaten another rabbit or some other animal in its stead. 

     Luck and chance are the chief of all factors that really affect man. From birth to death the human machine is called on to make endless adjustments. A child is born and starts down the road of life. He starts blindly and, for the most part, travels the whole way in the mists and clouds. On his pathway he meets an infinite number of other pilgrims going blindly like himself. From the beginning to the end, all about him and in front of him are snares and pitfalls. His brain and nervous system are filled with emotions and desires which lure him here and there. Temptations are beckoning and passions urging him. He has no guide to show the way and no compass to direct his course. He knows that the journey will bring him to disaster in the end. He does not know the time or the nature of the last catastrophe he shall meet. Every step is taken in doubt and pain and fear. His friends and companions, through accident or disease, drop around him day by day. He cannot go back or halt or wait. He must go forward to the bitter end. The whole journey of life is largely a question of luck. Let anyone ask himself the question how often he has escaped disaster or how often death has just passed him by. How often has he done some act that would have led to degradation had it been known? How many hair-breadth escapes has he met? How many accidents has he had which luckily were slight but which easily might have caused his destruction? 

    Chance is the great element in life. Two men invest money; one gains a fortune, the other loses all. Two men are riding in a machine and it goes over a cliff; one is killed, the other escapes. The deadly germ is taken by one, it passes the other by; or, it is taken by one when his health will make him immune, by another at the time that it will destroy his life. How many temptations to violate the law has one just missed by a lucky accident? How many times has a previous experience, education, or a friend at the right time saved him from destruction? 

       The imperfect man travels this road; he is poor and friendless; his life is a long series of accidents great and small. The first accident that weakens his structure makes the second more certain and so on in increasing ratio until the end. Good luck crowds around one life, while ill luck and disaster follow another's footsteps wherever he goes with the persistency of his shadow. In all the infinite number of chances one false step may be enough to bring final disaster. All depends on the nature of the step. Every pilgrim makes innumerable false steps; often luck alone saves the situation; often luck alone compasses the destruction. Neither is it necessary that the bad luck shall be great at the first misfortune. It may be but the loss of a few dollars which another could easily stand. It may be only a few days of sickness which would be of no consequence to someone else. It may be the death of a father or an uncle, while the same sort of tragedy might be the source of another's wealth. It may be some other person's hard luck which takes him from school and leaves him to follow a life of hard and constant toil. It may be that he had the bad luck not to marry the person of his choice, or it may be that he had the bad luck to marry her. It may be because he had no children; it may be because he had too many. It may well be that he has been saved from prison by dying early of tuberculosis. He may have been saved from a railroad wreck by going to jail. Infinite are the tricks of chance. Infinite are the combinations and consequences that may come from turning the cards in a single deck. 

   Who is the perfect one that should be willing to punish vengefully his fellow-man? Let one look     honestly into his own life and pick out the important things that lead to fortune or disaster from birth onward, and say how many are the results of circumstances over which he had no control.    

         Manifold causes produce crime; some men commit it from one cause: some from another. Statistics only show the number of men who commit crime from the various separate causes. In logic and philosophy it really shows that, a certain heredity placed in a certain environment, will meet obstructions and obstacles. Some heredities will carry men further, and some environments will overcome them more quickly; but as surely as effects follow from causes, every heredity will meet disaster in some way under any environment, and the time and kind of disaster it meets depend not upon perverseness or freedom of will, but upon the fortune of the meeting of heredity with the manifold environment that surrounds every life. It must be plain that life lasts only as long as it makes adjustments. That it consists only of adjustments. That, ordinarily, strong heredity and a good environment will serve the longest. That, generally, a weak heredity and a poor environment will meet disaster soonest. Life may be lengthened either by improving the heredity or the environment or both. Whatever catastrophe overtakes it and the time it falls depend not upon the will of the machine, but upon the character of the machine that starts on the journey and the road it travels. The disasters cannot in reason or justice be divided into criminal or non-criminal. They are all natural; they are each and all inevitable. Each is the inevitable destruction of a machine which could stand so much, but which could stand no more. And in each, in spite of both heredity and the general environment, the constant meeting with other machines due to pure luck and chance is a great factor, if not the chief factor, that determines the individual life. - Clarence Darrow, c.1922

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Is Another Economic Crash Coming?

      Why are big time investors in the Stock Market and Real Estate dumping their holdings?  Over the past several months big investors have been quietly selling millions of shares of all the stocks they hold. For years they talked about the re-bound of the economy, but now man of them can't sell their stocks fast enough. Why? In addition ...many top Real Estate investors have been quickly selling all their real estate holdings, some even at a loss ... even though everyone says real estate is rebounding. What do these insiders know that the rest of us don't? The last time this happened was 2007 and we all know what happened then! Many insiders have been predicting the 'Second' crash for years and it will be much worse than the first. Just take a look at the headlines lately and you'll see a lot of hope but very little evidence 'things' are getting better! Even during the 1930s depression there was a big economic crash first, but then, after a short recovery a second larger crash occurred that plunged the country even lower into the pit of economic disaster. Is that what is happening now?  You need a way to take care of yourself if it really hits the fan. Our heroes in Washington and the Wall Street big shots are not worrying about you, they're set for life at our expense. A winning method that provides a steady stream of income could go a long way to give anyone the kind of economic security they're going to need in the coming years.

Time To Set Yourself Free

    You've worked hard your whole life. You were hoping for an easier second half of your life compared to the first half. But, a lot of things have changed. You just can't count on the same things any longer. It will cost a lot more just to maintain a decent life let alone being comfortable. No doubt you're worried about the future. The financial doubt you live with every day is a form of slavery. It makes you a slave to worry. But you can stop the cycle of worry and set yourself free. We are the #1 home-based business in America today; with an easy cash generating system paying every week. It will give you the freedom you want and deserve. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A New Way Of Thinking

    You are the kind of person that would know the value of knowledge. How it can benefit you, and, how it can help you to get ahead in life. You question opinions and make judgments based on facts rather than emotions. As a result, you are someone who seeks knowledge to improve your life. At the end of your life, it is you who will have to look back and decide how many regrets you have to live with. This is never easy. But on the bright side your life can change in a positive way that you cannot imagine right now. Because it's about you having the inside knowledge you need to create the life you really want. But to create this life ... you will need to change one thing. And that is your thinking. Albert Einstein said, 'Our current problems cannot be solved with the same thinking which created them.' Fact is: In order for your life to change ... you must first change your thinking. 'In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King.' Because when you know things that others don't ... it gives you an advantage in business and in life. - T. Bentley

Thursday, May 20, 2021

A.A. Milne In Poetry


 If you were a bird, and lived on high,

You’d lean on the wind when the wind came by,

You’d say to the wind when it took you away:

‘That’s where I wanted to go today!’

Where am I going? I don’t quite know.

What does it matter where people go?

Down to the wood where the blue—bells grow—

Anywhere, anywhere. I don’t know.  

 - A. A Milne; c.1924

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A Fundamental Attitude

    "The fundamental attitude of selfishness saturates the human nature of every person in every sector of every economy in every country of every era.  Our very nature is self-oriented, self-conscious, self-esteeming, self-serving, self-defending, self-aggrandizing, self-enriching and, ultimately, self-destructive. It is also destructive towards others. A selfish nature is in you and me, when we are building a home, when we are inside our homes, when we leave home.  It is the foundation of our finances, our commerce, our economies, our governments, our health, our entertainments, our work and every part of our everyday lives. The human condition is built on selfish human nature.  But why shouldn't the same human beings on the same land with the same resources experience work, commerce and life in a way that is positive, virtuous, unoppressed, sharing and inspiring rather than negative, bleak, pointless and terminal?  We should. But it requires a change in our spirit, our attitude, our motivation and the nature that human beings have had from the beginning.

    Changing human nature cannot be done by human government. It would require a government with spectacular power, power to not only construct the universe but to create the human body, the human brain, the human spirit, the human power of choice and human relationships. It would require the very Creator of human beings ruling the creation directly and guiding, correcting and helping human beings to choose to give instead of choosing to get.  It would require replacing the very foundation of society with a new one: the literal government of God on Earth."   -  Revolution Is Coming - Ph. Nice